The Right Kind of Preparation

We'll Make You Ready for What You Don’t See Coming


With competition as intense as it is for investment banking internships, it’s guaranteed you’re going to be facing some deeply challenging questions and prompts that are specifically designed to stress you out and throw you off-balance.

Some of the questions asked are ones you would never think would be. You need to know a lot more than you may think going into the interview process if you want to be adequately prepared, both from a technical and behavioral perspective.


And there’s more to it than just knowing how to answer specific questions.

build your narrative, considerable value

Landing an internship in investment banking requires the right personal brand. You need to build your own narrative, a story that lets firms know that you’re looking for something more than just a job or a paycheck.

A way of thinking that signals to firms that if they give you the opportunity to work for them they can be sure you’ll add considerable value and be the person that everyone wants on their deal team.

ibRecruit will show you the way.

ibRecruit will walk you through all of the behavioral and technical aspects of your prep, starting early and keeping you focused on the key knowledge bases you’ll need to showcase during your vetting process.

ibRecruit will work with you to build a personal narrative authentic to who you are that will signal to firms that you’re the one they want to give a chance.

Most importantly, ibRecruit will thoroughly prepare you for your eventual interview. This includes over a dozen mock interviews where you’ll be exposed to every conceivable tone and variety of question you might be asked - all the way from the technical to the personal.

Prepare you for your eventual interview

By the time we’re done, you’ll be ready.

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