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Our mission is to provide undergraduate women with the necessary tools, preparation and confidence to be exceptional candidates for any Investment Banking internship process.


An uphill climb

It’s no easy trek - each year investment banks receive thousands of internship applications for (maybe) a few dozen internship openings. And the overarching majority of those are men. While that might be viewed as a limiting factor, it presents an opportunity for you to break through as the female applicant to get the internship you want.

What’s worse, almost all of those firms have certain unspoken, sky-high admission requirements. Without attending one of the investment bank’s “core schools”, it is possible that most candidates’ resumes won’t be reviewed in the hiring process.


We believe this needs to change.

Too many smart, capable candidates are overlooked too often. This saps potential talent and variety from industry. Rather than becoming the more vibrant, varied sector it’s capable of becoming, this hiring approach leaves the investment banking community an overly-homogenized community.


We can do better. We should do better.

This is where ibRecruit comes in. We are a pro bono entity comprised of an advisory board made up of senior and junior mentors who want to pay it forward to help facilitate more women from all walks of life gain entry into finance. Our team is committed to helping selected committed candidates through the entire recruiting process.

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Applications are now closed for the graduating classes of 2024 and 2025. We plan to begin reviewing applications for the graduating class of 2026 on 2/1/2023 on a rolling basis.  Please note that we will only review applications that include an updated resume in PDF sent to admin@ibrecruit.com.

Please also provide any details if you have begun your respective internship recruiting process (either for your sophomore or junior summer).

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